Running Apache NiFi on Windows 11

  • 12/03/2022
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Microsoft releases Windows 11 on Q4 2021 and started upgrading Windows 10 to Windows 11. My personal notebook got upgraded last week and I can not start NiFi on my machine πŸ™‚ Do not need to panic, we all know that Microsoft has a long history of breaking working system.

I have terminated all NiFi process and removed all NiFi files. The clean AppData folder is important. Find NiFi folder in AppData and remove it.

Download Apache NiFi.

Lets start downloading Apache NiFi build for Windows. Go to page Apache NiFi Downloads

Apache NiFi Download Page

We will download Zip archived file is for Windows OS. If you are beginner, you need to know that there is no click and install method for Apache Nifi. There is no setup.exe or setup.msi πŸ™‚

After download, extract the folder to where you want, but do not forget that, we will use path of this folder.

I have extracted Apache Nifi to D>Cloud>nifi-1.15.0

Let’s look inside of this folder.

You can find more details about each folder on Apache NiFi Documantion. Within this folder is a subfolder named bin. Navigate to this subfolder and double-click the run-nifi.bat file.

If you get this error: Command Failed to set permissions so that only the owner can read PID file. You have run this bat script as Administrator.

Test Apache NiFi

When we go to localhost:8443/nifi. We will SSL problem, click Advanced and proceed to localhost

Yeah, Apache Nifi started and working.

Let’s add NiFi to CMD and PowerShell commands.

Go to System Settings and About page on Windows Settings.

Click Advanced system settings.

Click Environment Variables. (Right bottom)

Open the Path window and add your NiFi>bin folder location

Click Ok on all windows and close everything.

Test it on CMD

Open CMD by Start menu as Administrator.

Write run-nifi to console and press enter.


We have installed Apache Nifi with Windows 11, there is no difference between Windows 10 and 11 when we install.

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